Salt Water Fish Store

When it comes to setting up your saltwater tank, it may be a little confusing at first as it requires more equipment and test kits compared to a freshwater tank. However, there are many benefits to setting up a saltwater tank such as the variety of life that can thrive in the environment. If you decide on a saltwater tank, you can include living species other than fish such as saltwater live rock and coral! There are also a variety of invertebrates that you can choose from as well including shrimp, worms, sea stars, and other creatures that you would be unable to keep in a simple, freshwater tank.

Although the initial setup may seem confusing, our team is more than happy to help you pick out all of the equipment that you need. Once set up, saltwater tanks create their own ecosystem that thrives through interaction! The live plants will help filter the water and live rocks can help improve the water quality.

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